Crispy and crunchy snacks are suitable as a small meal. They are crispy, but still easy to put a spread on or perfect as an alternative of potato chips for munching in front of the TV. In summer they provide a perfect accompaniment to salads and BBQ meals.

Our Snacks do not contain

animal ingredients
palm oil
food colouring

Our snacks are exceptional

  • 100% plant-based portfolio from a traditional bakery.
  • Bakery products made from meticulously chosen 100% natural ingredients.
  • No preservatives, colourants and aromas.
  • Deli Snack – wide assortment of durable bakery products: snacks, crackers, breadsticks, pretzels and rings.
  • Some of the products are made from gluten-free ingredients and we continue working on new flavours and shapes.
  • Ideal for parties as an alternative of chips. Suitable as a small snack, when on the go, or to keep in a backpack.

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