Vacation and good food are absolutely inseparable :)

Summer has arrived and brought along summer holidays and trips. We Czechs are a nation of backpackers. As a matter of course, we pack a snack for travelling and bring a stock of food to fix dinner at a campsite, in a vacation apartment, or over a camping stove outdoors. To move our products a bit closer to you, we have prepared a selection of products that should definitely be included in your “holiday packing list”.

Deli Snack durable bakery products combined with plant-based Gourmet Patés will be great for breakfast or snack. They are convenient, tasty, and high in nutrients. There’s no need to store them in a fridge. This combination will not even require a spoon. A cracker or a snack can be used instead to scoop up the spread. Et voilà! You can start eating. Deli Snacks are great as healthy treat for your car or train journey. They are perfect therapy for small hunger or a strong urge to eat a little something – no matter where you are.

Those of you who travel widely may fancy a hot meal. That’s why we recommend having Sunflowerfamily products at hand. These sunflower-based products may be used to prepare meals such as spaghetti Bolognese or a mushroom sauce. It is a simple and fast option for those of you who want to satisfy their hunger with something more filling than pasta with ketchup.


We believe that creamy sauce lovers will appreciate Schlagfix Whipping CreamYou can use it to refine your Sunflower products, or you can prepare a delicious sauce by adding Gourmet Paté. People who love meat alternatives will definitely enjoy our exceptional Jacky F. jackfruit. There are one thousand ways to cook it. It is packed in a can and will survive a long journey without spoiling. 

In our opinion, Schlagfix Coffee Creamers are also perfect for on the go. Have a pack of ten singles ready to enhance the smooth taste of your coffee – anytime and anywhere.


And if you have a sweet tooth, we recommend adding one of the Deanocciola sweet spreads to your backpack. Our preferred flavours are coconut and cocoa & hazelnut. You can either add them to your morning porridge, or just eat a few teaspoons to boost your energy whenever you need to.


We hope that you will enjoy it during your summer trips. Bon voyage and have a great summer!

Best regards, SINEA