The project Rostlinně – Interview with Project Manager Marianna

More and more people are discovering how abundant, enchanting and diverse a plant-based diet can be. The new aromas, colours and flavours of plant-based eating are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The new Czech project Rostlinně (“Vegetally”) celebrates vegan cuisine, encourages restaurant owners to expand the vegan options on their menus and helps food producers and supermarkets launch vegan products on the market.



1) How did the project Rostlinně develop?

Interest in vegan cuisine is constantly growing. Companies, supermarkets and restaurateurs realize it, but they are often at a loss about how to introduce new vegan meals or products. The project Rostlinně emerged to provide that missing expertise. We support, we advise and we help with the process and with promotion. We also want to show that vegan cuisine is great, readily available and a suitable alternative for everyone. Our social media network serves that very purpose.

2) It’s a new project that has attracted a large audience in a very short time. What do you think is the reason for this high level of interest?

It shows that our motto “the future is plant-based” is right on. The number of followers we have and the number of emails we get indicates that this initiative was needed.

3) What are the objectives of the project in the coming months?

We have three primary target groups. The public, companies and restaurants.

First of all, we want to celebrate vegan cuisine, inspire people and show the abundance of plant-based cooking by sharing tips and recipes through our social media presence. We are also developing other e-books with recipes that will be available via free downloads from our website.

We are also here for food producers. We can provide advice on a general level e.g. how to mark new products, what labels should and shouldn’t include, how to promote products for the given target group, etc.

Last but not least, we are going to launch a project focused on restaurants outside of Prague. It’s often hard to find nutritious vegan meals outside of the capital city and we believe that there has been enough of French fries with ketchup. There will be a document called ‘A Guide to Vegan Cuisine’ on our website for restaurants to support restaurateurs in introducing vegan meals to their menus. It includes sources of inspiration, tips and practical information in an easy-to-read format and will become an invaluable helper on the journey to a plant-based future. We also have a network of regional project ambassadors who will visit restaurants and help them introduce vegan foods to their menus.

We have another big plan for the autumn but we’re keeping it a secret for now.

4) How do you choose partners to collaborate with? And why SINEA?

We are open to cooperation of any type, but with SINEA it was love at first sight. High quality ingredients, great taste, good prices and availability and no palm oil. For Rostlinně, that sounds like the foundation for a quality and long-term relationship. We are so glad that such a great company has emerged in the Czech Republic and we can’t wait to see what else they surprise us with.

Thanks for the interview and more information you can find on the website Rostlinně.

Kristýna, SINEA