Tempeh GreenNest

TEMPEH has been a tried-and-true food for centuries. It is a source of native proteins and vitamins. One of the vitamins it contains is B12. It is easy to prepare – it can be eaten as it is, or briefly warmed up by baking, frying or cooking, and used in any meal instead of meat – in salads, soups, or any other way that suits your taste and creativity. In addition, although most tempeh is made of soy, GreenNest tempeh is made of lupine, which makes it even more unique.

Tempeh GreenNest does not contain:

animal ingredients
Tvar 20

Exceptional qualities of GreenNest tempeh


  • Unique product – made of lupine, does not contain soy.
  • 100% plant-based organic product.
  • Does not contain gluten, lactose or cholesterol.
  • High protein content – source of protein.
  • Tasty alternative to meat.
  • Broad array of uses in both cold and warm meals.

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