Schlagfix – Plant-based cream that in many ways surpasses traditional dairy creams?!

We are pleased to introduce you to Schlagfix, a German range of plant-based products that we’ve started to cooperate with, mainly because we’ve found their range inspiring in terms of taste and efficiency. The brand has acquired a reputation especially due to their assortment of unique non-dairy creams and whipping creams that not only are lactose and allergen free, but also taste great. But that is just the beginning.

All of their products are cruelty free, allergen free and environmentally friendly.

Liquid creams are great especially for cooking and baking; when whipped they will provide more than 400% of their original volume! In addition to that, Schlagfix whipping creams remain stable, do not release water (including on fruit) and freeze well. When added to your coffee, the cream will dissolve effortlessly rather than curdling. It will bring the taste of your favourite drink near perfection. The mascarpone flavoured cream is a perfect alternative to this popular kind of cheese. The taste and texture of tiramisu and other meals prepared from the cream will be just great. And last but not least, we recommend that you try Schlagfix rapeseed oil. In our opinion, its butter taste and aroma are simply unique.

Schlagfix products can be used in your cooking in many different ways. When making coffee, cooking, baking, garnishing… There are many recipes where Schlagfix products can come in handy. Here you can find inspiration from us. We hope that you’ll be able to try these great products for yourself soon.

“Bon appétit!” to you from the sinea team!