Sinea SEER – block

Alternatives of semi-hard plant-based cheeses with 3.3 % of protein.

Sinea SEERs make a great innovation in the assortment of sinea plant-based cheeses. These new alternatives of semi-hard plant-based cheeses are based on our proprietary recipe and contain 3.3 % protein. Therefore, from the nutritional point of view, they represent a better alternative to ordinary plant-based cheeses made of starch and fat. When heated, they melt nicely. They are suitable for croquettes, fried SEER, etc. They can be grated on pizza, pasta and baked dishes. They are suitable for sandwiches, canapés or can be enjoyed just as they are. 

Sinea SEERs do not contain


Extraordinary Sinea SEERs – block:

  • 100% plant-based cheese range
  • Free from preservatives
  • Contain 3.3% protein
  • Free from gluten, lactose, GMO and soy
  • Fine texture and delicious taste
  • Same experience as with dairy cheese.Suitable for direct consumption, grating, frying and melting.

Sinea SEERs come in following flavours:

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