Extra Portion of Seeds

Our premium “Extra Portion of Seeds” range will please you with its rich taste, wholeness and unique ingredients. Crackers from this range contain min. 40% of seeds. All products are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients. Apart from that, they are suitable for many different occasions, similarly to all our Deli Snack products.

Our “Extra Portion of Seeds” range does not contain

animal ingredients
palm oil

Extraordinary features of “Extra Portion of Seeds” crackers

  • 100% plant-based portfolio from a traditional bakery.
  • Bakery products made from meticulously chosen 100% natural ingredients.
  • No preservatives, colourants and aromas.
  • Unique combination of flavours.
  • The whole range is made from naturally gluten-free ingredients.
  • All types of products contain min. 40% of seeds.
  • Ideal for parties as an alternative of chips. Suitable as a small snack, when on the go or to keep in a backpack.

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