Our products are now also available at Aktin.cz!

We’ve got something for you! Products by Sinea and its partners are now available not only in regular stores, but since the beginning of April also at Aktin.cz.

Aktin is an e-shop and online magazine. Apart from products they provide comprehensive information about diet and sports nutrition in particular. Their website and facebook feature interesting articles, recipes, news and products.

They currently offer for purchase plant-based Gourmet paté products in all four flavours, Jacky F. Jackfruit (including a video with our recipe), Markol fruit and nut bars, as well as premium chocolates from Ajala chocolate makers based in Brno.

Delicious products from our assortment have now moved a bit closer to you.

Let’s go shopping! And don’t forget to share your tasting experiences :)

Have a nice day!

Kind regards, SINEA