Our delicate patés are available for purchase now!

We are pleased to introduce to you our newly launched, delicious and 100% plant-based Gourmet Patés.

Sinea Gourmet Patés belong to our new exclusive range of vegetable paté. You can enjoy them in four flavours: button mushroom, chilli, olive and truffle.

These delicate patés are made from a combination of top quality plant proteins and fats. All of the ingredients have been carefully selected and you will not find in them any preservatives, artificial colourants, cholesterol, additives and/or animal ingredients. On the other hand, they contain nutritious vegetable protein and natural spices. It makes them nutrient dense while at the same time low in calories.



Gourmet Patés them on a piece of bread or put them on some toast for delicious and nutritious breakfast that will provide energy for the whole day. When accompanied with crackers/pita bread and fresh vegetables, they are great for a tasty snack or small lunch. They can also be transformed into delicious sauces, such as for pasta. When combined with sour cream (based on rice, for example) and some maya sauce they will help you create a truly enjoyable dining experience!

Hopefully you will try this new product soon and love it as we do.

“Bon appétit!” to you from the entire sinea team.