New SINEA bars!

We are extremely pleased to announce one of the biggest INNOVATIONS of this year. We would like to share with you our brand new and unique range of SINEA bars.

Apart from their ingredients you can rely on their wholesome flavour. No date or other fruit pastes or concentrates have been used for their production, just pure fruit, nuts, seeds or cocoa beans. We haven’t used any sugar- and honey-based binding agents, because the bars hold their shape thanks to the pressing process and the properties of the used ingredients. Neither artificial nor natural colourants have been added to the bars. To make a long story short: these are thoroughly natural and fairly produced bars that actually taste like real food.

You can look forward to the following carefully developed flavours:

Raisin & Black Currant

Pear & Cardamom

Pineapple & Coconut

Coconut & Cocoa Nib

Almond & Cashew

Pistachio & Tigernut

Beetroot & Pistachio


And we’ve got two bars created especially for children. The children were involved in their development and co-created a drawing for the label:

Strawberry & Tigernut

Carrot & Pear

We hope you like them just like we do. Would you fancy a bar? Please give them a try a let us know which one you prefer most. We’ve already got the favourite. :-)

And where is it possible to buy these? The number of stores is still growing, but you can already find our bars in these stores:

Čekanka – Bechyně
La Pacho team – Ivančice
Nova Potraviny – Praha
Obchod na rozcestí – Pelhřimov
Pí-centrum Radostný život – Hranice
Pinia Radotín – Praha
Potraviny Sluštice – Sluštice
Racionální výživa – Praha
Robin Oil – Chotoviny
Shell – Čeladná
Sušené plody – Ostrava
Špalda – Pardubice
Velkoprodejna Dunaj – Liberec
Voňavý krámek – Moravský Krumlov
Zdravá výživa Harmonie – Přerov
Zdravá výživa Vitalita – Kopřivnice
Zdravěnka – Náměšť nad Oslavou

Another shops should also receive these bars soon. Follow our facebook page for more information.

Have a wonderful day.

Yours sincerely,