New Deli Snack portfolio!

We have recently announced a new packaging for our durable Deli Snack bakery products. We are pleased to inform you that our Deli Snack range is now complete, i.e. all products have the uniform packaging. What makes us most happy are the crackers with Extra Portion of Seeds containing at least 40% of seeds. They are extraordinarily delicious and made from naturally gluten-free ingredients.

They are available in the following variety of flavours:


And this is not all yet! The following Deli Snack products have also changed their appearance: Poppy Seed Pretzels, Sweet Cocoa Crackers, Pea & Herb Snacks and Marjoram & Garlic Lentil Snacks.



The comprehensive portfolio of Deli Snack products consists of sixteen types of crispy bakery products. To be able to present the whole range of the bakery products in the most sophisticated way possible, we have designed and developed a smart product stand. Please see for yourself. This way our Deli Snacks simply can’t be missed.


Bon appétit! We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know how you like the products’ appearance and – most importantly – their taste.

Best regards,