Maya sauces

Vegan alternative to mayonnaise
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Maya sauces are free of animal-derived products and materials and contain ingredients of purely vegetable origin.Unlike other vegan options they are produced by the same method as traditional animal-derived mayonnaises – by emulsification. Owing to that preparation method they have the perfect creamy structure, colour and flavour in particular to delight every gourmet’s palate. Maya is great for salads, spreads, dressings and all recipes where mayonnaise would usually be used.

Maya sauces do not contain

animal ingredients
Tvar 20

Simply exceptional maya sauces

  • Largest assortment of flavours and types of packaging.
  • Most delicious alternative to mayonnaise. *
  • Emulsified, not cooked.
  • Creamy texture and lovely taste.
  • Free of preservatives (maya original and curry).
  • Free of soy, lactose, eggs and cholesterol.
  • Free of GMO.

*Based on evaluation of samples by other 15 producers of plant-based mayonnaise

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