Get to know the brand Schlagfix

We would like to introduce you to the Schlagfix brand made by LEHA, Germany. The company has distributed non-dairy products since 2002. Their currently comprehensive range of products once started with one universal “cream”. Nowadays, Schlagfix is the most popular brand of plant-based whipping creams in Germany. What makes Schlagfix so popular is the fact that their products provide a unique combination of sustainable allergen-free ingredients with perfect taste and efficiency. It makes them highly competitive. They are suitable for people prone to allergies, vegans and all those who want to eat a healthier diet.

What makes Schlagfix products so exceptional?

  •   They are lactose-free
  •   100% cruelty-free, V-label certified
  •   They are soy-, gluten- and allergen-free
  •   They are halal and kosher certified
  •   They only use certified palm oil
  •   Great taste and wide opportunities for use

In order to get this brand and its products closer to you, we approached the manufacturer with the following questions:

Where are the origins of the Schlagfix brand?

The Schlagfix brand was founded in 2003 when LeHA launched its lactose-free cream to the German retail market. The aim was to offer an alternative to dairy products mainly to people suffering from lactose intolerance or allergies, but also to those who wanted to live healthier and had a specific lifestyle. Today, Schlagfix is ​​the leading brand of plant-based creams in Germany and one of the most popular brands of plant-based products in Europe.


What is your vision and mission?

Our goal is to make the lives of people who chose veganism easier through providing a choice of quality and tasty products. We have promoted a range of plant-based products that are at least as tasty and efficient as their non-plant-based counterparts.


What makes your products different? What makes them unique?

Our products are a unique combination of authentic taste and perfect efficiency. In addition to that, we avoid using allergens, such as soy or gluten.

Information about specific products on offer can be found here.


Yours SINEA!