Ethica: Unique dessert with fermented oats

We’ve got something new for you! A product that is already available in some of our client stores. Yourgut! A delicious, purely plant-based yoghurt alternative by ethica. Not only they taste great, but they are also filling, organic, with no added sugar and with a live vegan yoghurt culture! Owing to fermented oats as their fundamental ingredient, they have an exquisite texture and high protein content. They are currently available in three flavours: Natural Aura, Caramel & Chia and Coconut & Chocolate.

These desserts are excellent for your breakfast (either pure or added to porridge or muesli), as a filling snack or dessert. Also, we’ve got a delicious tip for you: put your Yourgut to a freezer and enjoy it as ice cream!

Bon appétit!

Kind regards,