Bread products from a traditional bakery! New packaging, new formulas, new taste!

If you like munching on crispy crackers or bread sticks, then our new assortment of durable bread products is the right choice for you!

All products from the Deli Snack range are 100% plant-based and baked rather than fried. The entire range is free from preservatives, colourants or aromas. They are produced in a bakery in Vysocina region, which boasts a long tradition.

We only use carefully selected and natural ingredients. We offer many options in terms of shapes and flavours. We cater to lovers of bread sticks, small crackers, large snacks and crispy rings. We offer delicate as well as stronger flavours and some of our products are naturally gluten-free.

They are a great and – most importantly – healthier alternative of chips for munching in front of the TV, or to be offered as a small appetizer at a party or to feed your guests. You can keep them in your backpack when on the go. You can also garnish them with a delicious spread. Such as this one.

And we do not stop here. We are working on new formulas and innovative, more convenient packaging. So that you have something to look forward to.

Best regards from sinea!