SINEA is a brand that offers 100% plant-based, delicious and affordable products. Along with other Czech and international food companies, we are expanding the range of these products on the market.

“Turning to an animal-free diet in 2016, I was confronted with the unpleasant reality that most “vegan” products do not taste very exciting. But I also learned that there were products of terrific gustatory value that “made it” – they were produced with the total avoidance of animal components or resources.

Our project was born - creating a company doing exactly that -developing and manufacturing delightful food in adherence to our motto: "It goes well without it!" This “it” means using animal materials.

Finally, there was a second driving force - most food manufacturers do not make the best out of their ingredients. So you can be assured that if we use a pepper, a mushroom, or a bean, we always make the best out of it. Promised!”

Viktor Ruzicka / Founder and CEO

What you won’t find in our products

animal ingredients
Tvar 21
palm oil
Tvar 20

Excellent taste is our ambition

Our mission is to offer the best from nature with our delicious and 100% plant-based products. All products are made with love and respect for nature and animals.

Join us

Join us to expand the assortment of plant-based products and food on the market! We work with both small projects and large producers.


Our mission is to offer a wide range of delicious plant-based products.