Baklava has a new look

If you follow the new products we’ve got for you, you may have noticed the company Sweetland[1]  and its baklava, which features various types of nuts. It’s handmade, tastes great and what’s more it’s completely cruelty-free.

Baklava is a traditional type of dessert made from puff pastry. It is usually filled with honey or syrup and nuts. It dates back so far that it’s impossible to say exactly where it originally came from. It is still popular today in e.g. the Balkan countries, Turkey and Egypt.

We have chosen a 100% plant-based alternative for you that just got a new look. We are now offering a collection of several pieces of baklava with nuts, in different shapes in a new box. The container has a volume of 250g and makes a great gift.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this baklava, either with coffee or just by itself.

Bon appetit and have a nice day.

Sincerely yours, SINEA!